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The Best Free Backup Software

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The Best Free Backup Software

The Best Free Backup Software

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Comodo BackUp

Comodo BackUp

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Unfortunately, regardless of the operating system you use, you can’t be insured against hardware failure, human factor errors or any other potential danger that can wipe all your data out from the system without leaving a trace. In the twinkling of the eye you can lose everything: your favourite music collection, personal photographs, business files and all other documents of high importance that you won’t be able to ever recover! That could be a real smash-up. But there is a way to prevent this from happening. You only need to start using backup software on a regular basis and all your data will be accurately stored and protected. Upon using one of the available backup solutions, you’ll have a proper data storage - a so-called hideout from viruses, bugs, human factor errors and hardware failure. Sounds good?
Most available data backup software are capable to do the job quite well, however it doesn’t mean they don’t differ from each other. You’ll need to spend a little bit of time to learn the capacities of each backup software package and choose which one suits you best. There are dozens of features that should be considered before you finally decide on a backup program. They are all different with different functionality and operations. In this review you’ll find some of the most popular free computer backup software that should help you backup and recover your important data. Spend some time learning functionality of each of the programs, weigh their functions against your personal requirements and download the one that completely satisfies you.

Before you chose backup recovery software, consider some of the important aspects that make a good backup software absolutely brilliant!

  • Good data backup software should not just perform the backup process, but also do it fast and easy;
  • Good data backup software should also quickly restore your system after it’s been gone down;
  • Good data backup software should offer users both, file-by-file and “imaging” technology;
  • Good data backup software should offer users file compression;
  • Good backup software should give users an option to run backups in the background;
  • Good backup software should allow users to transfer their files to various media mediums - tape drivers, CDs, external hard drives, flash drives and so on and so on;
  • Good software backup has got to be comprehensive, robust, user-friendly and intuitive so that everyone can easily use it.

Here some really great FREE backup software:

Cobian Backup

Cobian BackupCobian Backup


Cobian Backup is a free and efficient backup recovery software that works as both, an application and service. It’s a program that enables users to automatically backup things and not affect the operation of the PC. Cobian Backup is a lightweight app that requires minimum system resources, and yet, impresses users with effectiveness and performance. Besides, it allows backups run in the background whilst users have got a chance to simultaneously work in other applications. The only obvious shortcoming of Cobian Backup is that it hasn’t been designed to work with large files as it has got a limited compression function. Notwithstanding, if this function is not a priority for you, you shouldn’t be disappointed with the app. Cobian Backup software is very quick, efficient and quiet and can be used by both, first-time and advanced users.


  • Supports Unicode, FTP, compression;
  • Supports encryption (as well as Rijndael, DES, Blowfish, RSA-Rijndael);
  • Supports incremental and differential backup;
  • Can be transferred to various mediums;
  • Supports long file names;

DriveImage XML

DriveImage XMLDriveImage XML



  • Backups, images and restores drives formatted with FAT 12, 16, 32 and NTFS;
  • Stores images in XML format;
  • Allows to create “hot images”;
  • Uses Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Services (VSS);
  • Easy and reliable with user-friendly interface;
  • FREE!
DriveImage XML is another great, fast and reliable data storage program that allows users to image and backup partitions and logical drives. It comes with a user-friendly interface and a rich set of features required for a good computer backup software. In order to back up files (even those that are currently in use) DriveImage XML uses the Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Service. In virtue of this service, you won’t ever need to worry about quality of your disk snapshots. DriveImage XML supports compression. All the images are stored in XML format and hence, can be easily processed by any third-party tools. With DriveImage XML you’ll be able to protect your data and make sure that the recovery process will be as painless as it only can be.




FBackup is a free and popular windows backup software that allows users to protect their important files by assigning the password or compressing files to the needed size and moving them to the storage space. FBackup is capable to backup all types of files (open and locked) as well as implement full and mirror backups. FBackup also supports automatic execution. Inasmuch as FBackup has got ZIP64 support, it’s possible to access backed up zip files with any zip compatible software. All in all, it’s a very convenient software that offers users quite a standard set of features. Being simple in use, it’s become a favourite of many users.


  • ZIP64 support;
  • Manual and automatic backup;
  • Supports encryption and compression;
  • Can be saved to any storage medium;
  • User-friendly and simple-to-use interface;
  • FREE!

Backup Maker

BackUp Maker Standard EditionBackUp Maker Standard Edition



  • Saves backups to media storage such as CDs/DVDs, external drivers, memory sticks, etc.;
  • Supports compression and encryption;
  • Manual and automatic backup;
  • Prevents foreign access to the backup;
  • Capable to write backups directly to CDs/DVDs;
  • FREE!
Backup Maker is a free and effective windows backup solution that enables users to automatically back up their important files and folders. It’s a great tool that doesn’t affect the operation of the computer, works fast and smoothly. With Backup Maker you’ll be able to easily transfer all your data to the media storage such as CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, external drivers, etc., make changes to the backups and quickly restore them. However, if you’d need to backup the entire system, Backup Maker, unfortunately,won’t be useful. It doesn’t create system images and consequently, will be unable to execute recovery of the entire system.




Clonezilla is another great and feature-rich data recovery utility that’s used to save and restore only those blocks that have been used in hard drive. Today you can find two types of Clonezilla - Clonezilla SE (Server Edition) and ClonezillaLive. The first one is capable to restore and clone a big number of computers at the same (over 40 machines) while the second one is suitable only for signle machine backup. Being an Open Source program, Clonezilla is available for FREE. It supports a great number of filesystems, including ext2, ext3, ext4, xfs, jfs, FAT, NTFS of Windows and HFS+ of Mac OS. Besides, the program can easily be used remotely in order to run the system restore. All in all, Clonezilla backup is a powerful utility with a wide set of options and features, but it’s got the obvious shortcoming - it is capable to restore only the used blocks and unfortunately, it doesn’t support encryption. Features:
  • Supports Multicast for massive clone;
  • Supports a variety of filesystems - ext2, ext3, ext4, xfs, jfs, FAT, NTFS of Windows and HFS+ of Mac OS;
  • Two types of the program - ClonezillaLive and Clonezilla SE;
  • Supported hardware architecture includes 32-bit and 64-bit;
  • FREE!

Paragon Backup

Paragon Backup & RecoveryParagon Backup & Recovery


  • Time scheduling;
  • An option to burn the backup image to a CD/DVD/DB disk or store it to the network;
  • An option to set compression level and the image size;
  • Encryption support;
  • FREE!
Paragon Backup is a well-proven and powerful recovery application that gives users full control of their system and data. Upon using Paragon Backup, it’s possible to make just the exact copy of the entire hard drive, including all its components. It’s also possible to backup only some of the data and place a backup image to a safe folder on the hard disk, increasing the level of security. Paragon Backup utility allows users to easily return their computers to the previous state in a single click without losing any data or filesystem. A backup destination can be chosen by a user - be it CD/DVD/ Blu-ray disk, network or any other external storage. What’s also great about Paragon Backup is that it allows users to save the entire hard disk to the USB Flash Drive and easily restore it from the bootable storage place on demand at any time in the future.




Back2zip is a free and lightweight data backup software that gives users an opportunity to monitor their documents and easily back them up to ZIP files. The program can run in the background without influencing on the speed and productivity of the computer and be hidden in the tray. Back2zip is a universal backup tool tailored at both, novice and advanced users. Even if it were the first time you worked with a backup software, you would quickly understand it. Back2zip tool allows users to schedule their backups, set duration for backup storage, simultaneously process multiple items and protect all your data safe and sound. Back2zip will become an ideal backup solution for those users who are looking for a simple-to-use utility that requires minimal tech knowledge and offers maximum efficiency.


  • Time-scheduling;
  • ZIP and ZIP-64 technologies;
  • Requires minimum system resources;
  • An option to monitor the history of logs;
  • FREE!





  • A possibility to schedule backups and set duration between them;
  • An option to perform both, complete and partial backup;
  • A possibility to synchronize files and create file mirrors;
  • Allows to process filenames in all languages and of different length;
  • FREE!
SyncBack is a leading utility in the field of not just backup but also synchronization. Not only can you create backups, but you can also synchronize files and create mirror profiles quickly and efficiently. SyncBack has been created to run on all Windows versions and meet the needs of all types of users. The functionality of the program is truly tremendous. It’s capable to process file names in multiple languages and of different length. It also allows users to have a few backup profiles for different folders and run backup for each of them at different time interval. All in all, SyncBack is a great data recovery software that provides a wide set of useful functions and features. The only fault that one could possibly mention is its a bit unclear interface. However, even this problem can be easily solved with the guidance of the detailed help manual.


Comodo BackUpComodo BackUp


Comodo is a free and robust application used to automatically backup and recover all the important data on the computer. The application will help you archive and easily restore registry files, email accounts, conversations, browser information and the entire system drive. The backed up data can be stored on both, local and external drives, network folders, FTP server, and CD/DVD. Comodo is an incredibly powerful utility that gives users true flexibility. Decide on the size of the file, compress it and password protect. Easy as that! On a whole, Comodo will surely impress you with overall simplicity and richness of features! Features:
  • Compression and encryption support;
  • Backs up all types of files and folders;
  • Integration with Windows Explorer;
  • Time-scheduling;
  • FREE!
Keeping all this information in mind, you can weigh all "pros" and "cons" of each backup software and pick the one that should ideally suit you. They are all popular and powerful. Any of the above mentioned programs is capable to provide users with a plethora of useful features. However, there are certain differences between them. Some backup software may appear quite complicated for the first-time users. Others would not backup the entire drive system. Some data backup software allow users to process all type of files. Others would limit them to a certain size. There are a lot of nuances that become obvious upon closer inspection. All things considered, we would recommend you to download and test Comodo backup software. This program is a universal solution for all types of users. Be you a schoolchild or a computer geek, you’ll definitely do justice to functionality of the program. It actually provides all the features that a good backup program is expected to do! Having got Comodo software installed on your system, you’d never have to worry about security of your data. With no efforts whatsoever, you’ll be able to easily backup and restore all the needed information in a flash. If you’ve got some other preferences, you’re very welcome to download the program that you personally like the most!


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